Derby 2014

Hey G.O. Friends and Family:

Let me begin by saying Thank You to so many of you who have been so faithful in the past with your help at Derby.  You guys make G.O. go!

It's that time of year again and we need your help.  Registration is underway but we still need help.  Opening Night is Saturday, April 26th, our first day of racing, and our need for volunteers extends through Sunday, May 4 (for the post event sale).  We can use your help any day between 4/26 and 5/4.

Further down the page a bit, is a video that previews the cash register and its usage.  It is quite user friendly (but a little old--that sounds like quite a few us, doesn't it?) and we'll help you with the register on the days you serve. 

Derby Registration:

Also, we're busy stocking trailers with inventory now through Wednesday, April 30th.  We certainly could use any help you can provide--even for a couple of hours.  Before you come out, please call me and touch base to make sure our schedules match!

Joe Blair

Sign Up to Help with G.O. Derby!!

It is time again for G.O. Ministries' single largest fundraising event of the year. Last year with your help we were able to raise a record amount of $55,000! Please help us make a difference all over the world by giving of your time and talent. It is amazing how much of an impact you can have by just volunteering for 2 1/2 days!

Here are the details: The Game is the company that produces most of the NCAA sports fan gear, hats, outwear, etc. They have been the official merchandise provider for The Kentucky Derby & Oaks for the last 7 years. The Game has been partnering with G.O. Ministries by offering us money if we can set up & staff their souvenir booths. We need sales people for the week prior to Derby, but the big days are Thursday May 2nd, Friday May 3rd & Saturday May 4th.

We are up to the challenge again this year and would like you to help us by volunteering and getting the word out! Please consider helping us out. We need 60 people that can work all three "BIG" days: May 2nd, May 3rd and May 4th. In addition to that we need at least 30 more that can work the 4th & 5th. We need people that can work both days. We will not be able to split a day shift. At the very least we need a 12 hour commitment. With all of our volunteers The Game has requested that you be at least 16 years of age. If you know someone who wants to help out but can only commit to one day we can CERTAINLY use them but we really NEED people who can do both if possible. Help us earn over $50,000 for the ministry again this year!

Shifts Needed:
Thursday, May 2nd 10am-6pm
Friday, May 3rd 7am-7:30pm
Saturday, May 4th 7am-7:30pm
Please consider sharing this information with your friends, small groups, etc. It will be a great opportunity to hang out while helping us make a difference.

If you would like to help  REGISTER HERE-----

If you would like to recruit a team from your church, school, Bible study, etc. to go with you let me know and we will be help answer any questions you may have.

Running the Register at Churchill Downs Sales Locations
Table 1

Table 2

Video Training: